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Server Rules & Info
RULES:1. Please respect and be courteous to the GMs/Staff members and listen to them.

Do not abuse them.

2. Please do not ask to be a GM/Staff member

3. Please try not to bother the GM's unless you are absolutely sure you cannot solve your problem on your own.

4. Fellow players can help out with issues you have in-game such as leveling spots, where to find a particular monster, what drops where and where you can get certain items/gears. Please be courteous to them like you are to the GMs as well, and do not abuse them.

5. Do not bot. Any account believed to be botting will earn an IP and account ban, as well as any other accounts believed to be yours or are involved.

6. Do not summon monsters in towns, town exits, training areas, or crowded areas.

7. Do not spam skills or spells (heals and buffs aside) in town - it may cause lag to other players. Refining is OK if you're only going to do it 2 or 3 times, but if you're going to do more than that, please step away from the crowd where people cant see you refining. It tends to get annoying if you have your sound on or something. Buffing is OK if you're actually buffing before going to battle or something. Don't just randomly and rapidly cast Bless or Increase Agi every 30 seconds.

8. Do not beg or ask for free items, zeny, or anything else.

9. Only create chat rooms and Vendings on the sidewalks of cities, not on the roads. chat rooms and Vendings should not in any way block an NPC! This is of course from the normal view (Double right click in-game to get the normal view).

10. Kill Stealing (KSing) is not permitted.

11. Verbally assaulting, abusing or harassing other players is forbidden. Anyone caught breaking this rule is subject to punishment. This includes swearing at, ridiculing, or spamming another player. Please report this behavior immediately with evidence (screenshots).

12. Impersonating a GM/Staff member is forbidden. If you are caught impersonating them, you will receive an instant ban. This includes having a name similar to a GM's name.

13. Do not to advertise any other servers in any way, including by mentioning their IP's, websites, or server names.

14. Exploiting and doing other things deemed against the rules by a GM will result in an insta-ban. Report all bugs/exploits to the GM team via PM Immediately.

15. Do not use any hacks to get illegal advantages (hide hax, for example). Players caught doing this will earn a Instant Ban.

16. Do not PvP (@duel/@killable) near groups of people or in cities because it lags some players horribly.

17. Do not train while AFK, this includes using reflect damage builds, humunculous or dark lord card while you are not actually there.

18. Do not Advertise any Servers, and also Spying is Not allowed on our server. Anyone Caught doing this will get instant Banned!.
-Admin M3rCy-


All about our Server MAIN TOWN: Rachel[@go 23 =)]

Our servers will be following the Singapore time.

Server will be on daily.

Server will be off once a month from 11pm - 5am.

This is to enable server to rest n also to make changes..

Thank You For Your Understanding

-Event will always held everyday, 2x a Day every 12:00Noon and 6:00PM =P

-War Of Emperium schedule every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

General Information:Rates: 450k/450k/100%
Card Drop Rate: 40%(25% for mvp )
Max Base Level: 998
Max Job Level: 170
Max Stats: 999
Max Aspd: 199
BabyJob Master
Job Master
Card Remover
Warp Agent
PVP Room Warper
Market Warper
Platinum Skill NPC
Coin Exchange
Skills/Stats Reset NPC
Rental NPCSkill
Point Remover
Tool Dealer
Pet Shop
Weapon Sellers
Armor Seller
Garment Seller
Footgear Seller
Accessory Seller
Coupon Redemption Staff
Invitation Manager
PVP Stats Viewer
Allot Quest NPC'sNew Added NPC's:
Custom NPCDisguise NPCMulti Server Item Slots: Shield(2s) and the other Items 4(s)

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