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More Infomation!! Empty More Infomation!!

Post  Sora Haruko on Fri Dec 07, 2007 10:20 pm

Plz give out more information abt this server..

1) Forum Login is no where to be founded, except clicking on somebody name( Juz found out tt it those small char below the server name is the key access to it Smile )

2) Where to register and play ur server? is it Name_F/Name_M or is there a website for it

3)CP is not out? Where to check is the server login/char/map is able/unable??

Sry if u tink it abit harse but, Im juz trying to improve ur server reputation up a notch!!

BTW is Loki the person that ask me to join this game?? Cuz Loki is my idea name but he took it from me =.="

cheers haha.. Cheer for M3rcyRagNaRok~ cheers

BTW "Loki" im not too sure is it u the person i know, but the file u all upload is kinda small n lotz of thing r missing. class_tab( to say all the tab, sprite,mob,etc ) is not in the file.. currently im using other RO data i took it from XXXXXX server.. hopefully this server can really compile everything n put inside a file tgt. althought it is a big file but easier to load n start the game rite away.. ( took me some time to enter [was searching for the tab/sprite/palette/etc] n yes i finally enter but the cover page is not wad i expected xD..)
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