Dragging people Suggestion. ;3

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Dragging people Suggestion. ;3 Empty Dragging people Suggestion. ;3

Post  pockets on Thu Jan 10, 2008 5:40 pm

Hey Guys.

I've a Nice idea to make this server Populair

Voting only isn't evreything what you/we can do to drag people, you know. :p I Have what you can call.. Alot Experience.. I Owned a Server before Myself, was a Former GM on AyumiRO. And this was my way to Drag people. (For AnthemRO, NiktoutRO, LucidRO, AyumiRO, Etc.. Yes I'd played alot servers, To bad this GM Application is Closed, ;.; I Always wanted to become a Real - No Former GM on a Server, I know, that's not the point now =p) Butt it worked GREAT.

I don't know if you guys are fine with it, I'd just like to have Permission first.
So what about letting me Record in game, Make a music Video and Putt it on youtube?
With text like: "MercyRO, (Call Info like:Rates, Good GM's, Nice people, Alot Events And Stuff like that)"
Or.. "Are you one of us?" "Join Today!"

One little Thing, It would nice to have some help. Because i need some action to Record..
Like: Pvp Duels, Mvp Spawn, To show this server is no trash :3

Please leave your Opinion. [GM Opinions Appriciated ^o^]


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